Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Fun

This illustration makes me happy.  I'm sorry that I can't attribute it to its rightful artist -- but I did want to share it with you.  This is such a wonderful time of the year for me -- heavens I'm even happier than I usually am and that's going some.

Hope you are having wonderful Halloween/Pumpkin/Crispy days time this month.

"On such a day each road is planned
 to lead to some enchanted land, 
each turning meets expectancy.  
The signs I read on every hand
 I know by Autumn's wizardry on
 such a day the world can be
 only a great glad dream for me -- 
only a great glad dream for me." 

- Eleanor Myers Jewett


  1. That's wonderful to hear and I love the little cardboard box dog in the corner of the picture!

  2. I'm having a busy month, but the sun has just coming out so I might have the strength to carry on!

  3. October is my favorite month! Love the illustration too.

  4. Cute illustration. Are there lEVELS of happiness? I am inclined to think that I am happy when there is no drama in my life. If more than that, my mood elevates to some level beyond happy and I tend to name it something else.

    Life is good and I am happy!

    Have a wonderfull fall, colorful weekend.
    Xx, Carol

  5. Your joy is palpable, and I'm with you! It's a wonderful, energizing, fanciful time of the year. Your illustration is charming, reminds me of drawings from old books that I must have seen as a child.



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