Monday, June 16, 2014


This little figure - based on one of my favorite themes - butterflies - looks at me with a somewhat longing face.  Perhaps she wants to fly away?  Her name comes from the "Urban Dictionary" which tells this fun story:

"Flutterby was the original name of the butterfly until Mr. Jiminy down the road invented a machine in 1912 to fly.  When he named his machine the 'flutterby' anyone who used the name had to give him 2 pennys for copy write laws."

Lots of fun stitching on this dear little thing.  I shall try to keep her away from open windows so that she'll stay here for a little while.

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond your grasp, but which if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you." - Nathaniel Hawthorne  


  1. It's a very serious little face - I wonder what she's thinking about...

  2. This was worth the anticipation, Penny! What a dear little doll. How tall is she, and the colors, oh, those lovely muted colors, did you dye the fabric to achieve them? Such pretty fabric. I love the button too, of course, hard to see it's detail, but the placement is perfect. I just got a lot of vintage buttons for a pittance from eBay. What a fun addiction! She is beautiful, Penny!

  3. Oh Penny I love her, much as I have enjoyed your houses and other pursuits I started following your blog because you made dolls. Now a combination of both, how perfect and I love the flutterby story, a so much more suitable name than butterfly.

  4. Debbie -- thank you so much for your comment. Don't worry -- there will always be dolls in one form or another. I'm currently working on my second one in this form. Stay tuned...


  5. well, what do you know ...
    this is what I used to call butterflies when I was
    a little girl !
    She's a little gem, Penny.

  6. She's a delight! So serene and calm. Wonderful!!

  7. She looks so wise and serene - as is she knows the secret to happiness and is very content. Lovely work Penny!

  8. This baby is so serene and beautiful, Penny....you are "back in the groove" with your art dolls! Love the fabric, stitching and butterflies!



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