Saturday, August 31, 2013

Note to all of you!

Google has started a new 'thing' whereby they allow something called intellitxt to 'invade' my blog postings.  They turn certain words green with a double underline.  If your cursor lands on that word an ad pop up appears.  I am thoroughly disgusted and upset with this as there appears (from all my study) to be nothing that I can do about it.  So please bear with me -- I will be relocating my blog in the coming weeks.  Meanwhile I will continue to post - just don't put your cursor on those 'odious' green words!  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


  1. I like your labels, Penny. GRRRR is the best. I can't really tell what you are referring to since I don't see any green words on my iPad. Give me an example, are there any in your last post??

  2. OK...just checked your blog on my desktop. I don't see any words like you describe here either. I feel like I may be missing something. Tell me exactly where in your text you are seeing them.

  3. I've never seen these appear on any of your posts either, Penny. How very odd. Maybe it's something only you, the author, can see? Geesh, before you go to all the trouble of relocating be sure to research the heck out of this "issue" .... there must be SOMETHING that can be done?!?!

    Hang in there. Must be frustrating as all hecksville.

  4. I think this might be a Chrome problem and/or malware on your computer. Found this:

    "If they are occurring on sites like stackoverflow it's most likely from a browser extension or some type of malware installed on your computer.

    Start by looking at the enabled browser extensions and disabling those you don't recognize. Then find a good spyware and anti-virus program and run those.

    It was apparently a Google Chrome extension called Savings Sidekick. I disabled that and I don't get the links anymore."

  5. I can't see any of the green words you mention on either my computer (I use a mac and safari) or on my ipad, so maybe it is what the others have said, a browser/malware issue?

  6. Penny, I'm thinking after reading the other comments that this is perhaps not a Blogger issue at all. You may go to a lot of trouble setting yourself up somewhere else with your blog only to find the problem moved with you. Oh dear, who knows?!

  7. Let us know if you figure this out. I also don't see any green or underlined words. Its always something with blogger.

  8. I don't see any green words on my Android Tablet, either...

  9. Thanks to each of you. I did disable Chrome completely (never used it and figured I'd just remove the whole thing) and after a few hours the green thingees were gone. So fingers crossed I'm back to normal and a new (happier) post will come up tomorrow *smile*.


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