Thursday, May 17, 2012

Overwhelmed - in a good way

 The "Artisphere" show in Greenville, SC was adorned with booths -- like a huge feast spread out before us.  Throughout the day we managed to check out each and every one (at least I don't think we missed any).  Before I knew it my mind was reeling with the creativity, imagination, skill and beauty - all in one place. 

Above you'll see a piece of Wendy Zoschke's jewelry work.  She lists her work as jewelry/semi precious -- I would say that all of her work is precious, regardless of the stone she uses.

John Mowen's sculptures -- his work was so meditative and while talking to him I realized that he lives his work -- that what comes out of his hands also comes out of his heart.

Metal work by Holly Rodes Smithey -- edgy and contemporary.  Beautiful designs  and a wonderful use of color in many of her pieces.

Jean Yao's baskets kept us transfixed.  She makes them using bits and pieces from palm trees -- several different types of palm trees.  She begins by making a wire base (a work of art in and of itself) and then patiently weaves her fibers in and out and around.  She has combined the natural world with fine art.

I wish there was time and space to show you more of the over 100 exhibits.  Knowing that all across the country and the world there are artists honing their skills and bringing their thoughts into being, even as I write this, gives me a true feeling for the beauty that we as humans can and do create.

"Art is made from dreams and visions, and things not known, and least of all from things that can be said.  It comes from the inside of who you are when you face yourself." - David Smith, sculptor


  1. Marvelous..I said "o wow" at each picture. I can't imagine how much energy there was. Nice that you could be there.
    xx, Carol

  2. That sounds fun- and looks even better! Wow...some amazing artists!
    I'll stop by when I'm back from vacation. I'm gonna pass on the needlepunch love to my friend in Colorado! :0)

  3. It's quite possible to get dizzy at this sort of event, with the sheer range of material available!

  4. I can only imagine how stimulating that trip would have been.. sensory overload, to be sure!!



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