Thursday, April 14, 2011

Connecting the Loops

I am beginning another abstract punchneedle.  I have created the design, I have figured out the color scheme and I have transferred the pattern to Weaver's cloth. 

The process of punchneedle, especially abstract, is still new to me and I am just getting used to it.  When I begin an abstract punchneedle piece it is really an 'unknown'.  I can gather up my threads of many colors, I can create and prepare the pattern design but I cannot really 'see' how it is going to turn out.  When beginning a piece of punchneedle the design itself looks awful.  In fact, beginners often ask their teacher 'what am I doing wrong, it doesn't look like anything'.  Until I punch several rows or even a complete section of a design I try not to even turn the frame over because if I do, all I see are disconnected loops just standing there, not making any sense whatsoever.  Until they connect, until they rest against each other they are just standing there looking funny.

This connection makes me think about how I am, as an individual, connected with so many other individuals.  Sometimes, we look like the individual loops - not making any sense and looking slightly forlorn.  When I think about it, I realize how very much we need our connections to each other in order to have our lives make sense and in order for each of us to be a 'complete picture'.  Just some random thoughts as I punch this day...

"Without a sense of caring there can be no sense of community". - Anthony J. D'Angelo


  1. Penny, you are certainly forging ahead with great abandon!

  2. Haven't been by many blogs of late, Penny, so it's a treat to stop by here & see what you're up to. You're heading into some new territory - wonderful! Your words reminded me of the time I was first learning to do improvisational bead embroidery (the defining word, improvisational) from Robin Atkins and the most important directive she offered to her students - many of us hesitant & unsure how to start such work - was to just pick up one bead and sew it down. For awhile, all those beads being sewn down may not "make sense" (or seem connected) but if you trust the process, it will all come together. Like what is happening with your needle punching, yes?!

    It's so important to keep trying new things, following new directions...thank you for this reminder...

  3. Random thoughts, and true thoughts. Some days we do, indeed, look like your individual loops. I often enjoy that "alone time", but too much of it can make me a bit loopy ;) and reconnecting becomes the priority.
    I love the colors in this new piece in progress!



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